APImock makes sure
you don't ship broken stuff!

Last-line-of-defense end-to-end tests, directly integrated into your CI/CD pipeline to prevent broken deployments.

Hmm, how does this work?

  • Your build-pipeline triggers APImock with your build-artifact or staging-environment
  • APImock executes end-to-end visual tests against artifact or staging to ensure nothing is broken
  • Your build-pipeline gets the green light to deploy to production

Ok great, but ...

Is this ment to replace my own test suite?
No, your own unit/integration tests are usually better suited to protect you against unwanted bugs or regressions.
The tests provided by APImock are quite heavyweight but have the advantage of running against your production build artifact (or stagine environment) so are able to also catch problems which occur outside of your core application logic. This includes potential problems in install/update procedures or in your infrastructure setup for prod which may be different from local dev or demo environments.

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