Package natbib error: Bibliography not compatible with author year citation

LaTeX error message upon build:

Natbibbibliography not compatible with author year citation

In my case this was caused by a missing year entry in a bib-entry in Mendeley. This caused something along these lines in bibliography.aux (important is the last line missing a year column): `

\\bibcite{Wurman2001}{{28}{2001}{{Wurman et~al.}}{{}}}
\\bibcite{Xerox2008}{{29}{{Xerox Corporation}}{{}}}

The second cause might be, that your bibliography file contains special characters and isnt correctly UTF8 encoded.

So you have basically 2 options here:

Either manually solve it in the bibliography file

  • add the missing year to whatever bib entry is missing that datum (either directly in the .bib file or indirectly in jabref or e.g. mendeley)
  • make sure special characters in the file are encoded using UTF8
  • clear your bibliography.aux file
  • rebuild

Or change the citation style





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